Dec 30 2015

2016 BRCA Licence – 48 hrs to keep your current number

Please note that you only have 48hrs to renew your BRCA licence and keep your current 5 digit (or less) number.

Renew from 1st January and you will no longer have your current number and you will be issued with a yyxxxx number.



Darren Worth

BRCA 2016 LSOR Section Chairman

Dec 14 2015

BRCA Website Downtime

Just a quick email to let you know we will be having around 72 hours where the main BRCA website may not display for you, this is a scheduled period while we have some core elements of the site fine-tuned and updated. This will also include the URL move back to and Clubs/Club Affiliation to mention just a few items.
While the site is still off we are all still contactable via email, if you are unsure of anything or where to email you can email the main association secretary on and I will forward your message to the correct place.
We are planning to put the site into “Maintenance Mode” while works are carried out, this will be from 9am 15/12/2015




Darren Newton

BRCA Secretary”

Dec 01 2015

2016 BRCA LSOR Race Dates

Please find listed below the 2016 race weekends,.


Rnd Weekend Venue
1 26 – 27 March’16 Nene Valley Raceway
2 23 – 24 April’16 MMR M4 Karting
3 28 – 29 May’16 Kendal
4 18 – 19 June’16 Nook Raceway
5 16 – 17 July’16 MMR M4 Karting
6 20 – 21 Aug’16 Pickering RC
7 17 – 18 Sept’16 Ings Raceway
8 08 – 09 Oct’16 Nene Valley Raceway

For those entering the 2016 championship then could you please ensure your transponders are compliant with our RC4 decoder. Please click this link for more details.


Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman

Nov 19 2015

2016 BRCA Membership Renewal – Please Read

Don’t forget if you wish to keep your current 5 digit or less BRCA number to renew this side of Christmas.

To renew visit the new BRCA website @ and firstly sign up by clicking on join and follow the screen options.

When joining you will see a box which can either be left or enter your current BRCA number in it.

Once joined then renew your membership,

Current members with a valid email address will have just received the following from Grant –

Dear Member,

2016 membership is now open, this means existing members may renew now. You will notice that we have an all-new website; on this website, we have no merged user information that means that all members, new and existing have to complete the full membership registration. When filling in the membership registration please make sure that you enter your correct address as this is used to send out your membership pack. In the past, we have had to use some very long membership numbers; this will now not be the case. From this renewal onwards, we will now only have six digit numbers. If you’re present number is five digits or less and you wish to retain it you will have until 31st December 2015 to register it / renew with the website. After then when you renew you will be given a new number.

Click here to renew online

To Keep your old number all you have to do is fill it in the “Current BRCA Number” box when renewing, its that simple Confirming old/current BRCA numbers is a manual process, your profile will show a new number until we have checked your profile. THIS IS NORMAL, this is why you are renewing early!

This email has been sent to all members, please ignore this email if you have already renewed

Grant Williams Membership Officer




Nov 05 2015

2016 LSOR Euros Drivers From The UK

Following Mikes post about having to provide EFRA details of our 2 and 4 wheel drive 2016 drivers by the 15th November the following drivers have registered an interest in attending the 2016 LSOR Euros next July.


1 – Craig Orman (2/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

2 – Mike Humphreys (2/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

3 – Guy Page (5/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

4 – Dave Griffiths (5/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

5 – Steve Price (5/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

6 – Steve Haynes (5/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

7 – Steve Jones (6/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

8 – Jack Keatley (6/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

9  -Ayaz Aslam – (10/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 14/11/15

10 – Sohail Iqbal – (10/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 14/11/15

11 – Leon Satchell (13/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 14/11/15


1 – Jack Keatley (6/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

2 – Andrew Knight (7/11/15) –submitted to EFRA 8/11/15

3 –

4 –

5 –

Don’t forget short course guys to keep watching for details when you can register directly with the host club


Darren Worth

BRCA Large Scale Off Road Section Chairman

Nov 05 2015

2016 EFRA LSOR Euros Registration – Please Read


The 2016 euros will be held from the 25-30th July 2016 at a different venue to that originally proposed.

The new venue is :-
9 rue de la Jeunesse
86170 Neuville De Poitou

The good news is that at the recent EFRA AGM it was agreed to support the 2 and 4 wheel titles with a support class for short course vehicles, this class in 2016 will be limited to 30 entrants and all vehicles must comply to the EFRA short course specification.

This class was proposed by the UK and is exactly how the 4 wheel drive buggy class entered the EFRA meetings.

Entries for the 2wd and 4wd classes in the 2016 Euros in France, must be in by the 15th of December with a payment of £105 + – a couple of quid each way. (update places going fast so I will be mailing the UK list over this weekend 15th November)

The non refundable payments can be either made in cash, Cheque (Payable to BRCA Large Scale Off Road Section), BACS transfer or paypal, whatever is easier.

Paypal payments can be made to with the subject : 2016 Large Scale Off Road EC plus your name.

I can be reached at if you wish to discuss the possibility of attending and  the chairmans email address is

Only when I have the email from Darren, will I submit the numbers required. The next step will be collecting the information that EFRA and the organisers need.


I suggest applying for your EFRA licence once your place is confirmed but no later than the end of March.


Entries for the short course class will be through their website at a fee of no more than €50- you will have to sort this out yourselves as it’s a support class – don’t go mithering Darren keep an eye on the clubs website but once you’ve paid and reserved your place then make the association aware that you are going and wanting to represent us. .

For those interested in attending then get in quick.

Details from Calais to the 2016 venue is available here






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