Aug 26 2014

Brca Lsor round 6 results

aaaaa_brcalsor_200This weekend was round 6 of the Brca Lsor nationals.
This marked a return to dirt on the track at Pickering RC.
A huge thank you to everyone involved in this event and to the guys at Pickering RC for preparing such a great track and the Brca team for running a great meeting.
The full results and the ones for the meeting can be found HERE

Aug 20 2014

2014 AGM

Its fast approaching the this years section AGM on the 26th October (Details on venue to follow soon). In line with the 2014 BRCA LSOR section rules the 2014 secretary needs all proposals by the penultimate national meeting thus allowing the proposals to be available for the final meeting of the series.

The Section Committee asks all Racers to submit any proposals for consideration at the 2014 AGM by the 21st September.

Proposals should be submitted to the Section Secretary, either by email ( or in writing to the address in the BRCA Handbook.


Please format your proposals as shown below:

Proposer My Name, BRCA Number

Seconder Seconder Name, BRCA Number


State your proposal here.

If you want to change an existing rule state the Rule Number.

If you wish to add a new rule, please refer to the existing rule book and suggest where it should be inserted.


Please make a short statement to explain the reason for your proposal.


Please remember that some Committee posts need filling!

If any of you have proposals or suggestions for new members on the Committee, we want to hear those too.

For 2014 the AGM will NOT BE IN stoke as voted on at last years AGM but commencing at 9AM at a new venue.


Venue  (TBC)

In terms of 2015 race venues these need to be mailed to the secretary ( for the 2015 committee to review and announce in a timely manner following the AGM.

Please note that any new venue being proposed will need to provide the 2015 committee a detailed summary of their facility detailing camping, toilets, track specification, catering, rostrum – max drivers/protected/open any other interesting facts!

Please contact our vice chairman ( if you wish to discuss a venue.


Aug 19 2014

Rnd 6 – Info from Pickering RC


We have received this information from Neil Griffin of the Pickering track for this weekends round.

The post code for the venue is YO18 8LU and Neil will be placing some signs out for us to find the venue, I will be travelling up on Thursday night so I will confirm if the signs work!

Camping is available from Thursday until Sunday night if you wish to arrive early and leave late. The fee for this is £8 per pitch and see Neil for payment etc.

There will be a communal fire, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday night or until the wood lasts!

There will be an onsite food van from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.

The track will be open from noon until 5pm (ish) costing £8 per driver WITH UNDER 16′s FREE. A safety briefing will be given by the pickering crew before the track is opened, see Neil for payment and wrist band

There are onsite toilets and water is available from the yard but please note :- The water tap is in the yard on the wall, but the farm will be in full swing harvesting so BE AWARE THAT THERE WILL BE A LOT OF TRACTORS AND LARGE TRAILERS AROUND so please if possible park well out of the way when filling up as harvesting can not be delayed in anyway

Also please ensure the field\track remains tidy at all times by placing your litter in the provided bag and taking it home afterwards


2014 BRCA LSOR Section Chairman

Jul 26 2014

Rnd 6 – Timing Gear

Just to confirm that at the next round of the series our decoder will have been upgraded to an RC4 and anyone using an MRT transponder then the section will not guarantee your laps will be recorded correctly.



Anyone using an AMB\MYLAPS transponder will have no issue following the upgrade, your laps will be recorded as they are now.


Over the first 5 rounds there have been instances of drivers reporting missed laps after heats and finals, it is the drivers responsibility to have a working transponder in their vehicle (9 out of 10 the problem is that the transponder has come disconnected from its power source with the other odd one having a cable break at its casing). The race director will try and make you aware if you are missing from the timing at the earliest opportunity but it is down to the driver to listen and if they hear “car x is missing” and not hear the beep when they cross the timing line to bring there vehicle in and fix as they wish.

Those using section\club handouts then the section will endeavour to ensure they are working but it is up to the driver to return them back to the rack to keep them charged up! The Section does have 4 RC4 Hybrids which can be hired for £10 for the weekends meeting.


May 29 2014

Brca Lsor round 3 results

aaaaa_brcalsor_200This weekend was round 3 of the Brca Lsor nationals.
This marked a return to dirt on the track at Kendal.
A huge thank you to everyone involved in this event and to the guys at Kendal for preparing such a great track and the Brca team for running a great meeting.
The full results and the ones for the meeting can be found HERE

May 12 2014

2015 zenoah challenge cup

aaaaa_brcalsor_200Booking in is now available for the 2015 large scale off road in door event of the year at
Get the dates in your calendar now Feb 6,7 and 8th with the site being open from the evening of the 5th February for camping and event set up.
Big thanks to Zenoah once again and if anyone else wishes to support this event then please contact the organisors as the event flyer is being prepared to go to the printers.

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