2016 Driver Listings

National Drivers (Excluded from Clubman class) 2016
2 Wheel Drive  4 Wheel Drive Short Course
James Mccarthy Steve Haynes Duncan Mcmillan
Andy Blackburn Ian Oddie Mark Suggitt
Karl Norris Stevo Backland Lee Waples
Andy Knight Dave Parish Paul Fry
Dominic Blackburn Darren Johnson Ian Harris
Dave Ashton Mike Humphreys Tony DeSay
Mark Higgins Ayaz Aslam Paul Wood
Rick Ashman Guy Hayward Ian Southey
Steve Milner Richard Stiles Kevin Hurst
Daniel Tough Jack Keatley Tim Press
Dave Ashman Andy Love Marc Harrison
Mike Stevenson Stuart Carrick Peter Barnes
Jason Manley Craig Orman Dean Mandeville
Dean Coulson Dave Griffiths Jim Davis
Neil Griffin Leon Satchell Ben Bridges
Luke Gower Steve Price Lee Chapman
Ray Cove Marvin Crooks
Adam Griffith Robin Rymer
John Hosking James Clarke
Tony Gomez  Jim McManus
John Darby
Dave Grimshaw
Rules – applied in order and a driver is only subject to the first rule they meet
Top 10 drivers in each National Class to be National Drivers for following season
All clubman drivers who finish above any national drivers who both complete a minimum of 5 rounds to be promoted and relegated respectively
Currently a national driver and failed to score 90 points+ 75% the time in current season become a Clubman driver
Not competed in recent season – status remains unchanged
Supporting Notes
Depending upon driver performance any driver can be promoted\demoted from the national group by the 2016 LSOR committee during the season.
A watch list of potential National Drivers is also managed by the committee and should these drivers score over 90 points in their first national of the following season, they will also be added to the National Drivers list for that season
It does not matter which class a national driver races in during 2016 they will still be declared a national driver and be excluded from the clubman class.