Aug 18 2016

Racing pictures

In true just in time fashion Darren has got around to uploading round 5 and some images from the open practice session of the EUROs online in our section gallery.


Please select gallery from the menu at the top of this page.


Rnd 6 next Darren!!



Aug 16 2016


Fuel reminder.


Can I take this opportunity that whilst the LSOR section does not stipulate a dedicated service station per meeting we do have the following statement in our handbook.

1.15 Only fuel that is available from any UK petrol station may be used, no Avgas or specialist racing fuels allowed. The only additive allowed is 2stroke oil.
1.16 The following are not allowed: performance enhancing gases such as Nitrous Oxide, Fuel Injection, Boost bottles, Turbo or Super Chargers, Electronic Ignition systems which run off separate battery packs

Anyone found not to be running fuel as stated above will find themselves not only disqualified from the current season, but stripped of any previously won titles and will be recommend for expelling from the association by the BRCA executive.


Darren Worth

2016 BRCA LSOR Section Chairman


Aug 15 2016

Rnd 6 – Message from Neil

Sorry for this posting being so late as I’ve been really busy lately!

well chaps its my turn with round 6 this year ,,,the track has had a complete facelift ,,,( it’s took all year ) and is finally finished.

Practice will start at 12 on Saturday ((the usual price of £5 and free to under 16)) till 5-6 depending how the track holds up, we are using the wrist bands again so come and sign in before you go on track at 12.

Camping is £10 and you are more then welcome to come early, ie Thursday as some of you are doing already ,,the toilets will be on site from Friday morning till Monday morning .

The water tap is in the yard on the wall to your right as you drive through ,,it will be sign posted so please fill up on your way down to track ,,,but when possible please park out of the way ,,,as this is a working farm which is very busy as it’s harvest time around here now.


There is no food van this year but there is going to be a BBQ with drinks,hot dogs and burgers from our local butchers ,,Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.

There is no power on site so bring all the genny with you

Directions DO NOT GO THROUGH CASTLE HOWARD no matter what your sat nav tells you DONT!!!!! Head for Flamingo land Pickering ,,,,drive straight past the entrance for flamingo land ((on your right ) and my road signs will lead you in from there with your sat nav

Hope I’ve answered all the potential questions if not please get in touch. see you all at week end cheers Neil griff.

Orchard house
Orchard hill
North Yorkshire
YO18 8LU

Aug 12 2016

2016 BRCA LSOR Drivers on tour

A quick review and links to the results and videos from the 2016 EFRA European Championships is available here


Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman

Aug 12 2016

2016 BRCA LSOR AGM – Call for proposals

Details on the 2016 BRCA AGM and section AGM are available here.


Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman




Aug 07 2016

Round 6 – Pickering Assistance

Neil has been in touch with the section to ask if anyone going to the meeting later this month and has a suitable generator which can run race control then could they please contact him.


Neil has a small 1KVA generator which unfortunately will not be sufficient to power the PA and printer, typically a 2KVA would cover most use over the weekend.


Darren Worth

2017 BRCA LSOR Section Chairman