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2013 Round 2

2013 BRCA L.S.O.R Round 2

Words By Mike Humphreys, LSOR Pro, lsorpro@brca.org

Pictures By Darren Worth, LSOR Chairman, lsorchair@brca.org

brca lsor race report

A wet and windy Northampton, greeted drivers arriving for practice on Saturday morning. The Nene crew had worked tirelessly to prepare the track prior to the
event and kept it up to scratch all weekend.

brca lsor race reportSome 50 drivers took advantage of the clubs facility to blow off the cobwebs at the Saturday practice in readiness for what turned out to be the biggest meeting in L.S.O.R National history by the time booking in closed on Sunday morning.

With many drivers changing brands and classes, off season promotion for the section had showed through with an increase in numbers for the short course class and the 4wd class. New cars, new drivers and new tracks will ensure the B.R.C.A L.S.O.R section continues to thrive.

brca lsor race reportWith rain on Saturday night, the drivers feared the worst but Mother Nature along with the Nene crew and snow shovels ensured that the track was useable. Strong wind and bright sunshine for most of the day also helped most of the track dry out for the finals.

brca lsor race reportSunday morning with a total of 70 drivers and a panic stricken race director greeted the racers with the driver briefing. The meeting was under way with 3 heats of the 2wd buggy class, 1 heat of the short course truck class and 3 heats of the 4wd buggy class. It was good to see that there wasn’t the usual “1 brand” domination in the classes as we had seen for years before and there were some different names at the top the various leader boards.

Throughout the heats in the 2wd class, there really wasn’t much gap between the top 10 or so with a special mention to Glyn Taylor who blasted his way into the main A
final to hold 6th place on the grid and also Jason Manley promising to be a regular attendee grabbing onto 5th spot. With the Ashman brothers and Mark Higgins taking the last three spots.

brca lsor race reportbrca lsor race reportThe short course heat leader board was changing hands for fun with the A final pole position eventually going to Steve Jones followed closely by Dave Smith and Tim Press.

The 4wd buggy class heat honours were also changing hands, Steve Haynes, Ian Oddie and Rik Stiles taking a heat win each with Steven Backland, Dave Parish, Mike Humphreys and Dave Ashton all snapping at their heels.



brca lsor race reportbrca lsor race report

With the finals approaching, we saw variations of established cars on the track which was a real treat. Two of the cars in the 4wd buggy class were the converted Losi 5iveT which performed very well indeed – even with Nigel Reeks driving one!

brca lsor race reportDogged with servo issues all day found Steve Haynes in very unfamiliar territory, starting 8th on the grid in the 4wd B final. Contrary to the saying, you can’t teach an “Old Dog” new tricks, taking his new car and fighting his way with relative ease to the A final.

brca lsor race reportOther racers having troubles were Jack Keatley who suffered a run away causing his car to mould itself to the fence and the big shock of the weekend was James McCarthy. Having had engine problems all day, he found himself in the B final.
He started the race like a man possessed and built up a healthy lead only to have fuel issues. Watching from the pit lane table while his mechanics tried in vain to get the car running again, James saw car after car passing the finish line to end his day.

With short course tracks lining up to do battle, it was clear to see that word of racing has spread and many are finding out that racing “really is worth a try”.
A lot of the success can be attributed to the Kendal and Sussex bashers and to meetings like the Freeprawn cup and the challenge cup.

brca lsor race reportAs the flag dropped on the SC truck final and the big beasts were thundering round the track, the racing was very close and with little between the top runners. As time went on, Dave Smith and Doug McMillan seemed like they were on a bungee cord, with only a few seconds between 1st & 2nd, a little further back was the same story with 3rd & 4th and again with 5th & 6th.

As they crossed the line, Dave Smith piped Doug McMillan by less than a second after returning from a spell away from national racing.

brca lsor race reportThe 4wd pole setter was and unusual sight for most, Ian Oddie who transferred from the 2wd class and with a new brand of car had taken FTD. A steady start and the pole man led the rest of the drivers round for quite a tidy race but then came the Old Dog who was looking for a fight. Battling together for most of the race, it was clear to see that while both drivers were having car problems, they were the guys to beat and it could have been either one of them who crossed the line first, on this occasion, it was Steve Haynes. A special mention must go to the two clubman class racers, Ayaz Aslam and Andy Love who both put in a great performance.


Short Course Results

4 Wheel Drive Results

brca lsor race reportIn the 2wd final, father and son “Team Blackburn” were at the top of the tree with pole going to the much older and wiser, Andy while Dominic “the young apprentice” was knocking on his Dads door. A fairly “enthusiastic start to the race, things settled down but after 5 or 6 laps, then disaster struck. A shocker bolt had come loose and dropped out of Andy “loctite” Blackburns car forcing him to pull off to repair it. This left the door open for the rest of the field but despite the best effort of the other drivers, it was young Dominic who led the race. Over the next 25 minutes, with several drivers trading paint, the Ashman brothers having fun fighting and Mark Higgins sneaking his way to the middle of the field, the racers showed some real skill throughout. With time running out, Dominic crossed the line with only a few seconds between the top three. A well deserved first A final victory for Dominic.

With the presentations and congratulations handed out, thanks were conveyed to all of the Nene crew for all their efforts.

Roll on our next round at Notts and Derby, 4/5th May

Our remaining race dates and venues are shown below, 

Rnd 3, 26th May – Kendall Bashers & Racers Club – Kendall, LA8 8JJ

Rnd 4, 22nd June – Nook Raceway – Lofthouse, WF3 3JU

Rnd 5, 7th July – Nene Valley Raceway – Northampton, NN29 7XA 

Rnd 6, 25th August – Kernow Off Road Track – Helston, TR13 0EL

Rnd 7, 22nd September – North Ings Raceway – Sleaford, LN4 3QB

Rnd 8, 13th October – Notts Derby Off Road – Newthorpe, NG16 2DE

If you are reading this and not too far from any of our forthcoming venues then feel free to come along and see some of the largest radio car racing you will see in the UK. Likewise pop along to one of our venues and enquire about RC racing whether we are there or not.

Further details on the section and our hobby can be sourced via the BRCA website @

Mike Humphreys

2013 BRCA LSOR Public Relations
Officer, lsorpro@brca.org

brca lsor race reportbrca lsor race reportbrca lsor race report

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