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2013 Round 5

2013 BRCA L.S.O.R Round 5 – Here Comes Summer

Words & Pictures By Darren Worth, LSOR Chairman, lsorchair@brca.org


13LSR5001.JPGHere we are, Wimbledon final weekend and the country is basking in glorious summer sunshine and another dry weekend for the BRCA LSOR 2013 series as we make our second visit to the Nene Valley Raceway Club in Northamptonshire.


The question that everyone was asking was, would the weather have any effect on the weekend’s outcome with some of our drivers finishing their previous 30 minute finals running on vapours!

Saturday practice began just after lunch with the drivers making the most of the British weather by ensuring they were fully creamed up with all shapes and sizes topping their chest areas with the UV rays blessing the weekend. Whilst the and section before hitting the track with his FG leopard to get some track time in. 


With practice coming to a close at 6pm it was evident that this was going to be another well attended meeting with the racers travelling from Cornwall & Cumbria to get to the Nene.

The Nene crew had once again produced another stunning facility for the drivers to enjoy over the Saturday night social session.



With 60 vehicles booked in by the time I commenced the drivers briefing it was going to be another busy weekend but at least the
fridge was on in race control keeping our liquid provisions cool. Like all the other sections our drivers were reminded that mixing alcohol and racing does not work and that breath tests will be undertaken if the committee feels a driver is under the influence. The first round of qualification got underway at 9.45 after our standard drivers briefing with the first of two 4 wheel drive heats. These were followed by a single short course heat and then a further 3
heats of 2 wheel drive racers with all running for 7 minutes to ensure a reasonable finish.

Over the next four hours three rounds of qualification heats were run with drivers constantly tuning and adjusting their vehicles to get the maximum out of them during their 7 minute heats. In all three classes the top 4 or 5 positions alternated between the drivers by a few seconds, drivers further back were also separated by a few seconds and the word around the paddock was, would those who make the A final complete it, as over recent meetings a few drivers have been finishing on vapours? So at the end of the 4 hours qualifying the top two wheel drive position went to James McCarthy, ahead of Dave Ashton who managed to take the second spot despite missing the Saturday practice due to a night out with his wife, Andy Blackburn was third and Karl Norris fourth with their Hormann HT3’s. Andy Knight was the second FG Leopard in fifth place. In the club man class Dan Tough took the highest honours by being the 9th fastest driver, ahead of Glyn Taylor who was 10th but these positions meant that they would start from the front of the B final. 13LSR5005.JPG

Ian Oddie took the 4 wheel drive honours with his 4 wheel drive FG Leopard from the chasing pack of MCD Race Runners led by Steve “old dog” Haynes. Stevo Backland lead KCR racing with Richard Stiles in fourth place and Dave “Old Iron” Parish was fifth but how would the final end up with these guys running 30cc engines for 30minutes on a warm English afternoon? We would be in for a close A final for sure. 

For the first time the shortcourse class was not led by a Kendal club member but Roger Smith from the North Ings Raceway in Lincolnshire (our 2013 Rnd 7 venue). Rogers MCD W5 was on pole with a chasing pack of Losi 5-T’s lead by Duncan McMillan ahead of Tim Press, Dave Smith and Steve Jones in the fifth spot. The gap separating these guys like the other classes was 10’s of seconds so we were promised a great afternoon of finals.

With the time approaching 2pm there was a quick lunch break and just after 2.30 the 4 wheel drive final started with just 5 of the 7 cars on the grid. 18 laps later Guy Hayward had taken first place with his Losi 5-Buggy, Mick Henson was second 21 seconds behind Guy and Dean Cowan managed to take third place (having fought lap after lap with Sohail Iqbal), with Richard Dawson coming home 5th the final runner in the field.

13LSR5010.JPGNext up was the 13 car 2 wheel drive C final which was also 15 minutes duration and despite missing a few hours taking the pictures with his quadcopter Mike Stevenson took the honours ahead of Cornish racers Callum Mitchel and Dave Grimshaw, who occupied the remaining bump up positions.

Both 20 minute B finals were next with those watching witnessing some close racing but those bumped up from the C finals could not go any further. The 4 wheel drive B final saw three different cars bumped up, Jack Keatley with his FG Leopard, Barry Clissitt with his new Lost 5ive-Buggy and Les Darby in third with his MCD Race Runner who snatched the place from Ayaz Aslam who ran out of fuel with 1 minute to go and watched as Les passed him. Another FG leopard took the top spot in the 2 wheel drive b final in the hands of Rick Ashman, local racers and clubman class leader Daniel Tough was second and Mark Cove third both with their Hormann HT3’s V1’s.

The first 30 minute final of the weekend was going to be the 4 wheel drive class final and soon after the glaxon went. It was going to be interesting to see who out of Ian Oddie, Steve Haynes or Stevo Backland were going to take the honours. Stevo pushed hard in the early stages but it was down to Steve Haynes and Ian Oddie for lap after lap consistency and for proving tIan watched from the side has his lead was eaten into and he dropped from 1st to 5th in the  3 minutes still remaining. With the old dog taking top spot, Stevo was second and Dave Parish in third place and Jack Keatley being the highest clubman in fourth place and the first non MCD Race Runner.

Next up was the 2 wheel drive final and again those watching saw some close racing throughout the final with James McCarthy taking the honours with a lap lead over his PG Racing team mate Andy Blackburn who snatched second place from Dave Ashton  by a second. Just like the 4 wheel drive final a number of 2 wheel cars pulled off with fuel issues towards the end of the session. Daniel Tough was the last of the drivers to complete 30 minutes in his 7th place and was the highest clubman, is Dan going to win the clubman class for 2013? Three more rounds to go but he’s still out on top.


With the clock ticking and just after 5.30 the last final of the day was run and it was the turn of the short course guys to run for 30 minutes. In true fashion as they set off on the opening lap a number got caught up in first lap incidents which allowed Roger Smith to pull away and remain in the lead for 3 laps but was passed by Stefan Howe who took the lead on lap 4 and despite some interesting off road racing seen from Stephen over the weekend when he placed his Losi 5ive-T into the corn field, he managed to hold onto a top 3 finishing position after 30 minutes and came home third. Tim Press took second spot having maintained a mid table position for the first half of the race but then had a duel with Stefan as they swapped places almost every other lap in the leaders table. Whilst all this was going on Dough McMilliam had worked his way past Stefan on lap 10 and for 19 laps held onto top spot. Dough was the only Kendal racer to make the top three this time as his stable mates Tony De-Say and Steve Jones suffered mechanical and tyre failures which saw Tony finally come home in 4th place just ahead of Nigel Reeks shorten losi.

All in all a great weekend was had by all at the Nene Valley Off Road Model Car Club and the Spain.

Round 6, August bank holiday weekend sees our guys head down into deepest Cornwall to the KORT track, recently renamed as Cornwall RC Racing for a weekend of fun in the sun!

So with 5 rounds down how are the series results looking?


2 Wheel Drive

4 Wheel Drive

Short Course





With five rounds down are we beginning to see how the championships will pan out, if you wish to find out more before my next report then visit our results at www.brca.org or www.brca-lsor.org.

 Our remaining race dates and venues are shown below,  

Rnd 7, 22nd September  – North Ings Raceway – Sleaford, LN4 3QB

Rnd 8, 13th October – Notts Derby Off Road – Newthorpe, NG16 2DE

If you are reading this and not too far from any of our forthcoming venues then feel free to come along and see some of the largest radio car racing you will see in the UK. Likewise pop along to one of our venues and enquire about RC racing whether we are there or not.

Further details on the section and our hobby can be sourced via the BRCA website @ www.brca.org

Darren Worth

2013 BRCA LSOR Chairman, lsorchair@brca.org