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2013 Round 7

2013 BRCA L.S.O.R Round 7 – Another round and another new venue.

Words By Mike Humphreys & Pictures By Darren Worth, LSOR Chairman, lsorchair@brca.org

13LSR7001.JPGAnother round and another new track for the 2013 race  series to visit. Our second new venue is the North Ings Raceway situation between Lincoln and Sleaford at the North Ings Museum which happens to be on the flight path of RAF Conningsby!  On our arrival, most had the pleasure of being greeted by Thomas the landowner who parked everyone up and gave them a tour of the facilities.

13LSR7003.JPGFrom first glance of the track, it was obvious how much effort had been put in by the Ings team. With the usual suspects out on the track, it was clear that finding grip wasn’t going to be a problem as lap after lap the drivers were getting various degrees of grip roll. Since this was our first visit to the North Ings Raceway there were various questions asked about the site, however its location was ideal and being in the middle of Lincolnshire and with easy access to the main trunk network. Of course being in Lincolnshire the area was quite flat, even though some tried, there was little chance of getting big air this weekend.

13LSR7002.JPGThroughout Saturday afternoon various drivers took the opportunity of getting to know the Ings track and by the end of practice it was looking like race day was going to be busy as the local large scale owners were joining in on home turf plus a couple of the respected onroad racers were onsite to have a go at off road racing for the weekend. Craig was using Dave Ashtons FG Leopard 4, and Adam was back with his Harm. The question was how would they do on the Sunday, and the question from race control was are we going to get “bombed” by CJ130’s on Sunday as halfway through the practice session a deep throaty sound was heard and as everyone looked up there was a brace of aircraft coming into land which were only feet above the rostrum and power lines! Richard Stiles also took the opportunity of running the new MCD Race Runner V5 during the afternoon making the use of the time to shack down any issues with the vehicle. 

Sunday morning, the drivers woke to a dry morning with the forecast of a very warm afternoon so who was going to do well during the mornings qualification heats? With qualifying done, team Blackburn were showing great form as were James McCarthy, Rick Ashman, Dave Ashton & Andy Knight in the 2wd class. Ian Oddie, Steve Haynes & Stevo Backland topping the 4wd class and Doug Mcmillan, Roger Smith & Steve Jones did the job in the short course class.

13LSR7006.JPGThe finals brought their own dramas. With all 3 racing class championships, the north/south and clubman championships hanging in the balance, there was still lots to play for and the inclusion of two onroad racers who were looking good were going to effect the points scored in this meeting.

The C finals done, Paul Wilson, James Thorpe and Phil White bumped up to the 4wd B final, while Jim Mcmanus, Glyn Taylor and Paul Gresty all bumped up to the 2wd B final.

The B Final 4wd was dominated by Ayaz Aslam, who was followed home by Mike Humphreys and our new off road driver, Craig Orman.  Just missing out on the bump up were Barry Clissett and Guy Heyward who were that close to each other, we though they were tied together.

The 2wd B final was another close race with Adam Griffith – another on road racer leading the way. A 5 way fight was on between John Darby, Steve Milner, Ray Cove, Mike Stevenson and Dean Coulson all within a few seconds of each other but it was Mike and Steve who joined Adam in the 2wd A final.

The A final saw Stevo Backland on pole with teammate Steve Haynes following. After a frantic start, it was clear that the top 3 were going to battle between themselves for the whole race while leaving the rest behind. Problems for Rik Stiles, Ayaz Aslam and Jack Keetely meant that the mid table battle was hotting up. Darren Johnson, Dave Parish, Craig Orman and Mike Humphreys gave a good account of themselves.  Disaster struck with 26 minutes gone, Steve Haynes runs out of fuel leaving Stevo Backland and Ian Oddie to carry on to the end of the race but Stevo had pulled out a decent lead at this point and at the end of the 30 minutes came out on top with his first win of the season.


The 2wd A final promised to be a great race on the grippy turf of the north Ings track and it didn’t disappoint. This was the chance for James McCarthy to seal the championship in the 2wd class. From 2nd on the grid, he followed pole setter Dominic Blackburn and followed by the rest of the pack. The race was on until as with Steve Haynes in the 4wd class, Dominic and James ran out of fuel at 24 minutes. This left the door open for a very racey (despite his age and senility) Andy Blackburn to lead the race to the chequered flag. Quality performances from 2nd place Karl Norris, 3rd place Dave Ashton and 4th place Adam Griffith who were all within 5 seconds of each other. Wonder if Dave and Adam are that close in the onroad racing they do too?


 Last but not least was the short course final. With numbers slightly down, it was no less thrilling than normal. All the drivers were showing skill and madness in equal measure during the 30 minute final. Steven Hollis retiring half way though having suffered technical issues, leaving the rest of the field to battle it out for the glory. RAC Technical director Tony Desay wasn’t having it all his own way; with car problems during the race (should have called the AA). Home racer Roger Smith was showing the big lads that he wasn’t going to be pushed around. With the end of the race drawing to a close, Steve Jones and Doug Mcmillan were fighting tooth and nail on this occasion, Steve made it home first and his third win of the season.

A great meeting had been witnessed by those who had participated in the 7th round of the 2013 BRCA LSOR national series and welcome to the National circuit list North Ings I’m sure we will be back in 2014.

So with 7 rounds down how are the series results looking?

2 Wheel Drive

4 Wheel Drive


Darren Worth, Our section chairman and race director presented the awards and gifts to Graham Smiths Father and Father In-law who had been the driving force in getting things completed ahead of our visit.

Our final meeting of the series is at the Notts & Derby Raceway on the 13th of October a few weeks before the annual BRCA and section AGM at the Thistley Hough High School in Stoke on Trent.

If you are reading this and not too far from any of our forthcoming venues then feel free to come along and see some of the largest radio car racing you will see in the UK. Likewise pop along to one of our venues and enquire about RC racing whether we are there or not.

Further details on the section and our hobby can be sourced via the BRCA website @ www.brca.org and www.brca-lsor.org

 Mike Humphreys

2013 BRCA LSOR Pro and EFRA Rep, lsorpro@brca.org